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'Altared Landscapes'

The Harley Gallery - 29th August - 18 October 2009.

This show marks a rebirth in my own creative journey as an artist. It embodies old obsessions in a return to my life long preoccupation with landscape. The elements of earth, sky and crows have since been an endless fascination to me.

Two things inspired me to return to sculpture (my original area at art school). Grayson Perry's 'Charms of Lincolnshire' show in 2007 and visiting the Kunstmuseum in Basel in 2008 with an old swiss painter friend. There I reacquainted myself with many old hero's of my Art school days. I realised then I could not be a maker of endless pantry board cupboards. I'd more to say, explore and find.

So I began over 6 months with no fixed ideas and using many saw mill off cuts I'd saved and loved for years. Working big meant a freedom again enjoying space and creating a landscape 'forest'. The constant earth and sky and the fleeting crows which came to represent our own transitions passing through the world. Here a moment then gone.

This is my first sculpture in 25 years.




to the heavens


Jericho Dawn




Moon Cradle


As the crow flies










to the heavens - reverse




Swallowed Steeples



Sickle Plane




Braque`s Birdpost













Work in progress


Work in progress




Passing Sunbird


Work in progress


Work in progress


Work in progress


Work in progress


Work in progress