'Koziol Ofiarny = Scapegoat'

Ceramics 2009.

This work was made in conjunction with my Sculpture Show of 2009,
as with my sculpture I had made no ceramics for 25yrs. In the years
prior to that I had taught Sculpture and Ceramics and was a proficient
`Studio` potter and being born in Burslem in the Potteries had grown
up surrounded by its manufacture and as a boy I`d loved excavating
old pottery tips to find all sorts of `treasures`.

This new work was a return in a different way and more ideas based
than purely technique.
2009 was my year to explore,play and enjoy creativity without knowing
the outcome or having to make a `product`.

My ideas go in all sorts of directions from social and political comment
to the pure pleasure of my underglaze painted bird plates which became
part of my sculpture show.

The `Gingerbread` figures were inspired by Polish Folkart ones and
I liked the idea of placing them in Museum type cases and on some echoing
the slip trailing on the case with paint. They are about outsiders and predudice
One is trail lettered with the Polish translation of `Scapegoat`

The `Eye to Eye `plates are about confronting in a way the animals we eat
of a plate and aspects of our sentimentality about them.

The `Pope` one should speak for itself and is made like a wayside shrine
often found in Catholic Europe.

The `Just War` plate had its origins in `The Present from Skegness` type pottery
popular in early 19th century seaside giftware.

The naive black and white animal plates and bowl are pure play and whimsey.
I just loved underglaze painting directly on to plates as with my `bird` ones



Eye to eye - Beef

Eye to eye - Goat


Eye to eye - Chicken


Bunny Wabbit

Cheap cheap chicken


Eye to eye - pork