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My Dad gave me some basics of gardening and compost but I really began with my first house
with its rich Lincs/Leics borders soil in a village where the Pub was my source of all `veg`
knowledge, plants and seeds to. I soaked it all up as a novice of 23yrs and began to grow veg
and keep a few fowls.

My allotment gives me great pleasure, reward, disappointment, failure and is always a learning curve.
Its 500sq yards of light sandy soil with a bit of everything like an old cottage garden plus a wild bit with a frog pond.
I`ve just finished a new shed made of old front doors etc in the what you can find allotment tradition.
It will eventually be decorated and become maybe another work of art.

For anyone interested in vegetables a list of what I`m growing this year :-
Broad beans--Claudia Aquadulce and Dreadnought
Runners--Painted Lady, Black Magic and Meecher
Climbing French Purple
Beetroot---Bolthardy and Oxblood
Peas--Feltham First
Spinach Beet--never bolts! and Blood Red
Shallots red and yellow and garlic I brought back from Bulgaria
Onion--Red Florence
Parsnip--Tender and True
Carrots--Nantes, Long Lisse de Meaux, Italian giant red, Purple cosmic and Autumn King
Potatoes--Duke of York,Charlotte, Epicure,Pink Fir and 4 of each of Gladstone,Bonnie Dundee,
Red Norland,British Queen, Flourball and Ulster Classic.
Various outdoor Toms and Courgettes