All chairs are made with a combination of old farm ladders, barrel staves and ends, wooden hames, wheel felloes, fishing weights etc. Skilled craftmanship make this combination of unusual materials surprisingly comfortable to sit in with the exception of 'Inglerook' which retains the ladder back. They are not however, despite their sturdy appearance and craftsmanship, suitable for life outdoors.

Prices range from £800 - £2000

Throne Chair '16hh Irish Draugh' Throne Chair 'Norfolk John' Throne Chair 'Inlerook'
16hh Irish Draught    
  Norfolk John Inglerook
With Rush Seat    
Throne Chair 'Queen of Staves' Throne Chair 'Horseman's Compass' Throne Chair 'Jewellers Chair'
Queen of Staves Horseman's Compass Jewellers Chair
Gullotine Chair SpadeBackStools Wrightfelloes
Guillotine Chair SpadeBack Stools Wrightfelloes