Home has always been important to me and very much central to my life.

I love interiors and the domestic down to pots and pans which also connect
to cooking, pickling and my big appetite.
Home is for me a bolt hole, a lair, a den and a gallery. I have always been a magpie collector, skip
hyena and hunter of treasure, many of the objects etc are a source of inspiration to me in my work

I often make little arrangements, tableaux`s even maybe secular altars. All these relate in many ways to
my High Anglican childhood with its symbols, images and rituals.

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Geraniums with Polish stitchwork


Cat bird scarer

Our 'great' bed


Kitchen floor with minton slipware tiles


front door

odd plates

A 'lady' for Grayson Perry

Sam at the cream

Yard view

3 weeks salt homecured Lincs bacon

Carved cow bone vase

no entry for boars

kitchen view

T & G Green. Jug


Home produce


'Grey' 18 years old

Old butchers window float


Kitchen Settle

Hungarian Plate


Harness decorated cupboard


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